Drive Books, Not Cars

Dalam kurang lebih 3 tahun, kampanye Drive Books, Not Cars telah mengumpulkan lebih dari 39.000 buku berbahasa Indonesia dan Inggris untuk membantu pendidikan anak Indonesia tidak mampu. Jika Anda ingin mendonasikan buku atau membeli buku untuk tujuan sosial yang positif, atau hanya sekedar ingin membantu-bantu, kunjungi stand Drive Books, Not Cars di Tempat Parkir VIP FX Mall Sudirman, Minggu, 23 November saat Car Free Day dari pk.07 – 12. Baca terus untuk info tentang detil kegiatan.


In about three years, the campaign Drive Books, Not Cars has collected over 39,000 English-language novels and Indonesian-language children’s books from across the archipelago and beyond — all in the name of charity.


The most awaited and exciting book drive in Jakarta will be back for its fourth year on Sunday, Nov. 23, during Car Free Day from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. at fX Sudirman Mall VIP parking lot, with a large number of volunteers and about 3,000 English-language novels for sale.


“What is exciting about Drive Books, Not Cars is that it brings together ‘idle resources,’ which are books that people no longer use, and connects those resources with people eager to have access to them and does so in a transaction that benefits underprivileged children,” said Scott Hanna, one of the campaign founders. “It’s rare to find this combination: a donation that makes people feel good, a purchase that excites the buyer, and a transaction with social benefit.”


All the English-language novels on sale are ensured to still be in good condition and sold at reasonable prices, ranging from Rp 35,000 to Rp 70,000 ($2.90-$5.70) while all the proceeds collected will be split down the middle to benefit both Sahabat Anak, a nonprofit group focused on the welfare of Indonesian street children, and Taman Bacaan Pelangi, a non-profit organization that has established 29 children’s libraries in 14 remote islands across Eastern Indonesia. Also, the Indonesian-language children books that has been collected will be donated to Taman Bacaan Pelangi.


“Drive Books, Not Cars has helped Taman Bacaan Pelangi tremendously,” said Nila Tanzil Petersen, founder of the organization, which has collaborated with the campaign since it established. “We received a lot of children books and also a significant number of funds from the book sale. With the money, we could buy more children books to be distributed to the remote villages in Eastern Indonesia where we are located”.


With the help of volunteers, the books will be sorted according to different criteria at Bengkel Crossfit on Nov. 22 (before the big sale) starting from 3 p.m. till around 6 p.m. While sorting, volunteers will have the opportunity for a first-hand pick on the books for sale and purchase it at an even lower price.


Count Me In — sister organization of Drive Books Not Cars — is recruiting passionate volunteers to be a part of either one of both the days. DBNC Troops (Drive Books Not Cars Volunteers) that are interested are welcome to tweet @CountMeInID or send an e-mail to or


“It is good to know that you are doing something productive with your time and for a good cause,” said regular and long-term DBNC troop Mustika Harpsoro. “You see a lot of unfortunate people in this country, and by volunteering you know that you might be able to change that — one community at a time. It is better than doing nothing with our free time.” She also adds that, recognizing the two trustworthy organizations where the support will be going to reinforces her will to volunteer.


It has been argued that advancement in technology has greatly affected interest in investing in hard copies.


“I suppose you could get into a more complicated argument about new books, given the environmental footprint to produce and distribute new books,” Scott said. “However, in the case of DBNC, we are dealing with used books. They already exist and we should make the best use of them that we can. Moreover, no matter how facing your Kindle might be, there is always going to be something magical about the feel of a physical book in your hand.”


Drive Books Not Cars has received support from countless individuals and organizations, including Indorelawan, Diet Kantong Plastik, Bengkel Crossfit, Books&Beyond and many more.


“From the start we immediately loved the concept of Drive Books Not Cars” Indorelawan director Marsya Anggia said. “Oftentimes people organize garage sales for the sole purpose of getting rid of unused items, which include novels. But with Drive Books Not Cars, children can benefit from these second-hand books. On the other hand, this an exciting campaign for book lovers! They can find an ‘unexpected treasure’ amidst the thousands of books at a very unusual price!”


Another organization in collaboration with Drive Books Not Cars for the third consecutive year is Asian Tigers Mobility, for transportation and providing boxes.


“It’s a great pleasure to be able to offer our services to Drive Books Not Cars once more, especially for a wonderful cause. I urge people to support this campaign for the positive and long-term impact it will have on education in our nation,” Asian Tigers marketing manager Melissa Dwieputri said.